Market Tales Has A Market Stall

As part of our Heritage Lottery Fund project Market Tales we have opened a stall in Barrow Market.   The stall showcases some of the photographs, film, audio and objects from the old, new and outdoor markets, collected during the initial stage of the Market Tales project. The work on show draws from a range of collections, including, the North West Evening Mail, Cumbria Archive, North-west Film Archive and personal collections. The stall also showcases a new sound piece made during a recent creative market sounds workshop with local music and sound organisation, Octopus Collective.

We also invite you to share any material related to Barrow Markets with us, be it photographs, film, audio, objects or memories. The stall will evolve over the weeks as new material is gathered. Digital, analogue and physical media are welcome!

For further information contact: or telephone: 01229 828592

STALL OPENING: Wednesday 6th – Friday 22nd December 

OPENING TIMES: Wednesday, Friday, and Saturday,  9am – 5pm 

ADDRESS: 20 Duke Street, Barrow Market, Barrow-in-Furness LA14 1HU

Barrow market maps
David of Hancock's Hosiery watching the film Barrow: Lakeland's Industrial Neighbour (1950's) from North West Film Archive at Manchester Metropolitan University.
Kenneth finds a photograph of himself on the Market Stall! It was taken in the 1990's when he was a Market Attendant.
Derek watches the film!
Reg comes to look his photograph from 1996. It was taken by The North West Evening Mail when he was protesting against the sale of the market roundabout.
Market memories from the old Market
Post-it notes indicating the names of stalls since 1971
Jacqui brings us some of the old Market Byelaws found in the Market Office.
The Market Byelaws printed up, these were taken from the 1864 Market Byelaws which are held at Barrow Local Archive and Study Centre.
The new Market Tales Market stall on the morning of opening in December 2017.
Post-it notes showing who worked in the old market - lots of infomation has come from relatives of those who worked there or even people who worked or visited before 1971.
Doug and Julia talking about Market memories
Barrow: Lakeland's Industrial Neighbour (1950's), North West Film Archive at Manchester Metropolitan University.
Mustaq comes to look at his photographs from the past. Mustaq has had a stall on Barrow Market for over thirty years with Jane Piddick.
Douglas comes to see his Dad's photograph on the Market Stall. Douglas's father had a butchers stall in old Barrow Market (stall 1 and 3). In the photograph, we see him in the East Lancashire Regiment in the first world war.
Rachel with the picture of her dad!
Our market stall neighbours, Belinda and Mushtaq pose for a photograph!